Constructive Details

We are a company dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients. 

  • We listen to your need.
  • We will make a proposal of the systems to use in your project.
  • You can visit the details of the selected systems, finishes and colours in our exhibition.
  • Once your project is accepted, we will go on to manufacture it in our facilities, with all the necessary guarantees. CE marked.
  • Installation made according to the type of work, and always in the shortest possible time.

With all this, we monitor the project from the beginning to the end on site, with the support and peace of mind that this means for our client.

Design & Construction 


We offer a unique approach to the design and construction of glass and steel structures. Based on our extensive experience in the manufacture and assembly of glass and steel components, RICO Aluminium has the knowledge and the ability to build highly complex structures of any geometry. We offer high quality results from start to finish.

We understand the importance of visualization of production and installation in particular with regard to innovative and ambitious projects.

RICO Aluminium we are specialists in a wide variety of structures and their installation. We continue to develop innovative construction techniques and enjoy developing solutions for every challenge that comes our way in the design and construction process of each project.

cerramientos de aluminio
cerramientos de aluminio
cerramientos de aluminio

Our company works with the highest quality materials and specialists in design and manufacturing, so we guarantee excellent results.

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